Fresh man year: Career Choices

Just like in the tertiary institutions in Nigeria and other institutions all over the world, we all attend them to build our selves, to learn and to build a career specifically on the profession we love the most. Which is called in the institutions, A major.

That’s what the institutions like the Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education are for, and you’ll agree with me that it’s not what you study in these institutions that necessarily makes you who you become in life.

A very befitting case study is Me, yes me your blogger, the same person making this post today. I never read any Art course in school nor did I read any course in Commercial, Public Administration nor Mass Communication. These are just some of a few course titles we have in Nigeria. But look at me today, new to the world of blogging and media and also a sitting Accountant of a developing firm in my home town, Imo State…. Lol. At this point you are free to laugh.

I haven’t even told you yet what I actually still study in school, its Computer Science. I repeat, Computer Science. Ask yourself, what is a Computer Scientist doing in a company as the Accountant while I also still double as the Secretary of the company and a Manager. The scary part now is that i’m falling in love with the job and I relish the challenge it brings very day. I must fill really important here. But that’s not my point.

My point now is, I had chosen a career part in Science and Technology but I find myself here today in Management and Accounting. That is why in the modern world of today, to build one’s self and to have “Options” in this life, you must be willing to learn and explore more that what the schools do for you. No one of us created is programmed to run in a certain way. We are all meant to create our own world and to make the choice that’s best for You alone.

I’m sure I’m not the first person with this kind of a story but I’m just one in a million stories of people making career changes. This makes me wonder sometimes what the hell are our institutions teaching us? Anyway! That would be a topic for another day.

Everyone needs to be good in other things. Like my mum would say “there is nothing like learning a trade”. In others words, a trade is something they don’t teach in school, a trade is something aside your career job, something like a business you learn to support yourself financially.

No wonder I see a Chemical Engineer become one of the top clothes designer in Nigeria.

Or even a taxi driver with no educational background at all own a big transportation company.

Or a business man turn footballer. Lol…there can also be some unbelievable career changes you must know.

This is why you must not cage yourself on single career part, do not centre your knowledge on what the institutions teach you. You must read wide and spread your tentacles. With the way the world as we know it is evolving, trust me when I say some professions will become obsolete in years to come that is why if you’re currently in your “dream job”, begin to think wide to discover some other talent you must have or a business idea to double your income because my friend, nothing lasts forever. Even if the owner of that company you work is your in-law or biological brother, there is nothing like having a double or triple source of income.

Growing up, are you one of the children that would say I want to be a Doctor, or an Engineer or a Military man but you currently are not in any of those places today but still your happy and find fulfillment in where you are? If you are, then your also a good example of the message I’m trying to past.

That is why some country base their payment for labour by the hour and not monthly bases allowing such individual the freedom to work and learn not just in a single place. Ohh! How I wish the Nigerian system would work like that, trust me when I say that you’ll hardly see a poor man in my country anymore because we are, with a lack of a better word, “workerholics”.

So my advice to everyone is to learn more and after graduation you apply for a job somewhere and they couldn’t give you that position which you studied in school for but ate while to offer you a different position which maybe you have little or no idea about, please take the job and believe me after a few shaky steps, you’ll become great in it. You can also learn the basics from the training they may offer you from the start of the job.

Why do you think some oil companies around the would would tell you to forget what all the schools have thought you that now its the practical aspect that matters.

If an uneducated man came become one of the richest men on earth, ask yourselves, what is then the big deal in a change of career.

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